Saturday, 20 February 2010

So, I haven't written for a while properly, and have just gotten out of the shower to the revelation of: friends.

Weird, right?

Well, no. Leading up to today, I've had a decision to make. Do I perform as one of a gazillion in a concert that I shan't enjoy for numerous reasons, but that is kinda part of my degree. OR do I spend the evening/day and tomorrow with my wonderful friends in London. It's a dilemma, cause I've know about this concert since October time, and this only came up a few weeks ago. (Well, that's no strictly true, but you understand my meaning.)

My decision was made thus: I have done SO MANY concerts of this nature, I have these experiences coming out of my ears, and yes being part of a chorus for Beethoven 9 would be another great experience, but once I'm a proper musician (ha!), my friends will become my networks, and will potentially get me jobs. And no just that, they're friends, the most important people in your life apart from your family, they are your support network if nothing else, so I can't just abandon them at the first (albeit musical) opportunity.

So, my decision is made. I'm just going to pop into town first and do some charity shopping, to see if I can find anything to wear, cause at the moment I'm really stuck for inspiration!

Currently listening to: Mahler's 10th Symphony, conducted by Simon Rattle. mmmm.

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