Saturday, 31 July 2010


So, today my brother (James, who you've all already met) and my Dad (who you haven't) are off to see Spamalot at the Mayflower. I am jealous. We booked it a long time before my operation and decided that I might not be able to sit through a 2 hour production without being in pain in a cramped theatre and decided against booking me a ticket. I would've been well enough to sit through it, but that's life, as they say.
So, to make myself feel better, I went shopping. Firstly, here's what I wore:

Nothing special, just a dress from Primark that I've had over a year and has lasted surprisingly well! I like the flowers, and all the colours. Made me feel 11/10 as I was walking along. Here's what I bought, not very much, and all necessary, but pretty, too:

Some Miffy tissues for my bag, cause I've run out and only have a box. You can't keep a box of tissues in your bag!! Or can be investigated later. A new makeup bag from Soap and Glory, as mine hasn't done up for a long time. And some nail varnish:

17 are currently doing a 2 for £5, so I bought a strengthening base coat and a nice blue. I wanted a pink as well, but that would've cost more, so I restrained and just bought the 2.
It rained on us once while we were shopping. Not fun. But trusty black umbrella came to the rescue. This is what I wish my umbrella looked like:

Anyway, despite the rain and the fact that my umbrella looks nothing like that, it was nice to get out. Hope you're all having a nice weekend!!

Currently listening to: The Dr Who prom. Find it on iPlayer and listen to it, would've been better if we could've seen it on tv, but the sounds will do!

Friday, 30 July 2010

Links of the week

Here's this week's installment of 'stuff I found interesting on the web this week'

  • The Glamourous Grad Student tells us what's in her bag. Like her, I LOVE these posts, I love having a nosy peek into other people's lives. I intend to do one for myself, once I actually start leaving the house with some regularity. (I sound like a recovering agrophobe, or similar)
  • Amy from Confessions of a Fashion Editor gives Nati Hell from Fashion Bloggers, Why an interview to enlighten us on the choice of content on her blog. An interesting read to say the least...
  • Emily AKA Shopgirl from Sugar and Spice is going to Paris in October. I'm going over the August Bank Holiday and am just as excited as her!
  • Leia from Leia's Delights has shown us the recipe for the most delicious looking chocolate cake ever. My weight nemesis Number 2: Chocolate stuffs.
  • Fierce Frostings gives us some swish ideas for getting a perfect morning routine. Something I intend to implement when I'm back at uni!
  • Candice from Super Kawaii Mama gives us advice on getting your groove back after a hard time. Personally, I've been struggling with being stuck at home a lot, both on a personal and health level, I'm really missing exercise, (and I NEVER thought I'd have said that 5 years ago!) as well as just pottering out and about.
  • This is Megan from Charade Style's Paris on a Budget Part 2. Because I'm going soon, I read this article with great interest and excitement! It covers places to eat, stuff to do and what to take. She also did a Part 1, which is about finding a place to stay, but because I've already found a place to stay, I'm concentrating on this one

We currently have workmen in installing our Virgin fibre optic broadband. This means blogging will be easier and faster for me now, yay!
But it is rather noisy, so I'm currently listening to: The Stranglers - Peaches

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Walkies around my house

The physiotherapist told me that I have to be off crutches and will be running around when I see her next (this coming Friday). So after dinner today I decided to go for a walk with my younger brother around where I live.

We live near a Naval Estate, and there are a load of garages near our house that belong to the Naval houses:

This is James, my brother. He's nearly my height is is going to be 15 in October...scary.

This is a campervan. I found it quite comforting to see a third of the way through our walk. Its colour & style make me feel 11/10.

And those sunflowers, also comforting in their yellow tallness. I give them 10/10, they could be taller, definitely.

This is pretty much the view that my parents have from their bedroom, wow, eh?

This is what I wore haha. Not so interesting, but I like my skirt :)

Top: Sainsburys
Skirt: M&S sale
Shoes: Clarks
Belt: M&S sale
(This sounds rather similar to an outfit my mother might wear...but it's kinda cool :D)

After much persuasion, I got James to take a photo with me, all smiley. It took about 5 attempts for him not to have his eyes closed or his face screwed up. The result isn't perfect for either of us, but it'll do.

Hope you're all having a nice evening, I'm currently watching Eight Legged Freaks and being freaked out. I've asked them to change the channel, but they won't. :(

Style Icon Series: Carrie Bradshaw

A woman on many people's 'Icons' list, and for very good reason. Her style is quirky and sometimes a bit outrageous for my taste, but when I'm in any need for any style inspiration, I can always look to Sex and The City, and in particular Ms Bradshaw.

I've chosen 3 of my favourite outfits from the series (there have been MANY, it was a struggle choosing only 3!):

Thigh-high socks can sometimes be an issue - you can end up looking either like a schoolgirl (an old one, in my case!) or a slut, frankly. It can be really hard to wear thigh high socks and not look stupid. This outfit it styled wonderfully. No slut or schoolgirl at all. Lucky Girl.
Also, I find them really difficult to source cause I'm a bit taller than average. It means that all one size ones only go up to my knees, not over them :( If anyone has any tips or ideas on where to find them, (for a reasonable price) then that'd be lovely.

This look for me is all updated Hepburn. Ok, so she could've done with less pearly necklaces, but...well I just love it.

I love this outfit the most. It's when she's in paris, and everything about it is fabulous. The length of her coat matches her dress - something I think look amazing, but something I never manage to do. And I've always had something of a love affair with polka dots, but never really worn them an awful lot...
And finally her ubiquitous, albeit fictional closet. I dream of a closet like this, but then again, don't we all!! She did keep clothes in her oven, and always ate she managed to afford it will always be beyond me.

Listening to: The news. Trying not to get aggravated.

Who is your style icon?

Monday, 26 July 2010

Dreaming of Autumn...

Usually, I am a huge fan of Summer. And in the UK for the last few years we've had nothing but Shoddy Summers for the last few years - rain and cold, with 2 or 3 weeks anywhere between May and September of Warmth and Sun. I am a fan of Warmth. I am a fan of Sun. But I am also a fan of Cold. This summer has actually been ok, fairly Warm and Sunny for the most part. But I am already wishing for Autumn to come. I bought this dress in the Sale from H&M yesterday. It's the same (I think) as the Purple one that's in my July challenge, just in a different fabric. Actually, I prefer it like this. The fabric is heavier and the lining is different so it hangs better when I wear it. But it's very Autumn-y. See below:

Of course I Autumn-ed it up with dark ish lipstick, but it's a good length & will look fab in the colder weather with all sorts of Autumn-y coloured accessories & tights. Mmmm.

Lots of good things on tele recently - BBC's Sherlock Holmes is a fine example. Personally, though, my world will be complete when Strictly Come Dancing is back on: Nice to see you, to see you....?

Currently listening to: the Piano Tuner who's turned up a week early to tune our piano, and given me some advice as to what to always, I'm looking for a new piano :)


Friday, 23 July 2010

Links of the Week

A roundup of my favourite reads from this week:

  • Fashion blogger bashing: Grechen blogs asks why are fashion bloggers such easy targets?
  • Who I write like? This has been doing the rounds on a lot of blogs. I write like Cory Doctorow apprently...I have no idea who that is, but I intend to google it!
  • Leia from Leia's Delights wears a Salwar Kameez and explains a bit about its use and different ways to wear it. Really interesting and a fascinating glimpse into a different culture!
  • Megan from Charade Style gives us tips on how to do Amsterdam on a budget, as well as sometips on different places to go. Part 1 & Part 2 here.
  • Sal from Already Pretty talks about uniforms and how they restrict or give freedom to our choice of clothes each day.
  • Luinae from More Magic Always explains why she's saying No to Kindle. Do you agree with her?
  • Part 1000000000 in my French Obsession: Beauty secrets from swish Parisiennes.
  • Which Mad Man are you? I got Jane Siegel, but really wanted Joan. Jane will do for the meantime though ;)
  • 10 style tips from Clueless (released 15 years ago this week) that will never go out of fashion...sort of.
Let me know what you think about any of these links!

Currently: Listening to the LOTR: Fellowship Of The Ring Soundtrack. Ordered all 3 in a box set from Amazon for £17! Bargain! Possibly going through an obsession at the moment. But who cares, fabulous books, amazing world, etc.

PS. Got my stitches out today, and now my cuts are much less sore, so hopefully sleeping will become more comfortable now. It feels like I'm on the home stretch now, but really I'm halfway through my rehab time, but hopefully I'll be off my crutches by mid-week next week :)

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Style Icon Series: Maria Callas

So for the first Icon in my series, I decided to choose a woman who maybe some of you mightn't have heard of: La Divina, Maria Callas.

A bit of a bio: She was born in New York in 1923, and received her musical education in Athens, before singing in Opera houses all over the world. Her voice was and still is, however, controversial, it inspires as many as it bothers. Technically, there are, were and will be many better singers, but for me, Callas' acting will never be beaten, she lived her characters, I only wish I could've had the opportunity to see her sing live on stage. She died in Paris in 1977, aged 53.
As well as being a huge musical inspiration to me, her style was something to be envied too! Typically of ladies of the 50s and 60s, she always looked immaculate and beautiful. Her clothes were classic, and her makeup was always fabulous. I also like her because she was quite tall for her day, 5'8 and a half - my height exactly! (Sounds silly, but I've always had a bit of a complex about being taller than average!) As a musician, singer and woman, she is a huge inspiration for me, and maybe with a bit of research, she could be one of yours too.

Here's one of my favourite arias, sung by my favourite opera diva, in 1964 at the Royal Opera House, London. If you can, watch. Do you get goosebumps like I do when you watch this? Her acting is so...pure, I guess is the word I would use.

Do you like this feature? Let me know, I've got quite a few inspiring ladies to feature, is it something you'd like me to continue with? (I kinda plan on doing it anyway, but any tips to make it better or anything, let me know!)

Currently: watching PMQs (Prime Minister's Questions, to non UK-ers!)

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Tentative Ventures Outside

Yesterday was my second venture outside since The Op. I went for a mini-Walk on Saturday and was Punished for it in the evening and the following day, so I took it easy for a while. Then yesterday I went into town to go Shopping. I bought a new pair of (flat) shoes which I'll show you when I'm back at uni, so next month sometime.
Anyway, here is this dress again. Baring in mind I haven't Dressed for a week, my uniform has been leggings & a long top, I felt that this Familiar and Comforting dress would be nice.

I also did my hair and makeup all nice...kinda. You can't tell in photos very well what my makeup looks like, does anyone else have that problem? Maybe it's my dark hair or something...Anyway, I quite like my hair in this, although as soon as there's a bit of Wind (Number 2 Nemesis beaten only by Rain/Precipitation in any form) I look like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards!

And here is my poorly knee. It doesn't really look that special, and frankly it's well on its way to being better now. I can potter around my bedroom without my crutch (only ever a few steps here or there, so no marathons yet!). Once I've had my stitches out it'll only be these 2 tiny bits of scar tissue, very clever this keyhole surgery!!
I'm having my second set of physio today. I'm not entirely sure what I think about it because my legs are quite strong because of the dancing I do, so the exercises I've been given don't actually do anything, I did them while watching TV yesterday all the way through a half an hour programme, then I got bored of doing them, not even tired. I'm supposed to do 10 reps. Sometimes I doubt that physios know quite how strong dancer's legs can be? I was talking to a few of my dancing friends and they said they've had similar problems when they've seen a physiotherapist.
Does this sound arrogant? I don't mean it to, I've rarely had reason to be proud of the strength of my body (I've never been a sporty person) and now that I've found something that has made my body stronger and fitter I'm proud of it. And I will still do my exercises, because even though I have strong legs, I don't have the same medical knowledge as a physiotherapist! :)

Currently listening to: Hungry like the Wolf: Duran Duran (80's Revival in my House today!)

Friday, 16 July 2010

Links of the week

As part of my plans for my blog to grow, I've decided to include some links of blog posts that I've enjoyed over the past week.

Hope you all are having a good friday, enjoy your weekends!

Currently watching: Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers (Extended DVD Edition), LOTR-Day 2 :)

In personal news: I had my first physiotherapy appointment today - I wasn't in pain when I came out, which is a good thing, as physios sometimes have a bad rep! Mine was lovely, in fact. Anyway, she said that I didn't need to use 2 crutches around the house anymore, just if I decide to go out for a shopping spree I should use both, and that I should try and walk around as normally as possible. Also, that hopefully I should be off my crutches within the next week or so! So a quick recovery, yay!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

So, what happens now?

What I would like to achieve from/with my blog...

So far, it feels as though I've not entirely been expressing myself properly in my blog, which I guess is why I'm not writing very much or with an awful lot of regularity. I mean, my life isn't very interesting anyway, and we all have days where we don't do much or feel as though we have much to say, so how does one overcome this?

Currently, my posts focus mostly on outfits from the day and then the odd little thing about my life and fashion inspiration. Now, I don't know much about runway fashion, I like reading about the odd bit of high fashion here or there, but I don't really like blogs that are purely editorials or about runway fashion, they just don't suit my personal interests.

So, having written this post, I've decided that I would like to live up to the name of my blog a bit more and include more about lifestyle, my fashion inspirations, things that I've learnt etc. not just in fashion, but in music and life in general.

I don't know if any of you would find this interesting, but I initially started this blog after being inspired by Belle de Jour. I read a few of her books and looked her blog up and over the course of a few weeks read the ENTIRE thing, all the way through the archives. I adore the way she writes and wanted to emanate her style: mysterious woman, enigmatic, intelligent. However, if you look back to my first couple of posts, it reads more like a teenager's angst-ridden diary!! Totally not where I wanted it to go. So I stopped for a while, but continued reading blogs that I admired and slowly began to understand what I liked to read, and tried to create something individual of my own. But perhaps I haven't really done that until I really thought about it, hopefully now the content of my blog will become more interesting for you all, and myself. I guess having a few weeks to think about things will be beneficial!

I'll try and get together some ideas and some regular post ideas together while I can't walk, in order to come back with outfit posts as an addition to my blog, not just the substance, cause I don't really think it's that interesting!!

I suppose I haven't really said what I'd like to achieve, but I know more where I'm going now, which is definitely a start. Really, I'd like to be an inspiration to my readers the way so many are to me.

If any of my readers have any advice or ideas, then I'd love to hear from you all, with any of your own experiences, etc. I don't know why I'm finding it hard, but perhaps among such a sea of bloggers it can be hard to find your own identity?

Tasha xx

Currently: Watching Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of The Ring (Extended DVD Edition...geek!) It's a good way to pass the time when you can't walk :)

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Days 1,2 & 3!

So, I've been really lazy...kind of. I have stuck to my dressing challenge, but I forgot to take any photos yesterday or the day before - by the time I got in from work I was SO knackered that I just couldn't face it. Those of you who have me on facebook or on twitter will know that I've been invigilating exams at my local 6th form college for Tuesday and Wednesday this week, and boring as it is, it's been SUCH a long time since I actually did a 9-5 (or 8-8 in the cases of these days...) that I really struggled, I'm so old!! Anyway, so I took a photo of what I wore today while I was actually wearing it, then a la Daisy Dukes of Outfits Anonymous I put Tuesday & Wednesday's outfits on the bed, just so you can see what I wore. I haven't done them as well as she does, I'm farrr too tired (I walked from my friend's house back home today...about 5 miles. It took me an hour and a half to get home...SO tired!) to do a proper job, so sorry!
Can you kind of tell that I'm tired by the fact that this post has become a little rambling?? Also, I've just discovered (was shown by my techno-genius little brother) how to use iPhoto on my mac...I've only had it a year...!

So, firstly, here's what I wore today:

I know it seems like SO recently that I wore this dress on the blog, but I have no intentions of dressing up purely for this blog (sorry, but that's just me), and in all fairness the last time I wore this dress was the last time it was on the blog, so y'know it's not like I wear it all the time!

Dress: Esme & the Laneway's Blog Shop
Belt: Came with a dress, from H&M
Slip (not seen, but that's kind of the point!): M&S(!)
A gratuitous swirly photo, while dancing to a remix of La Roux's 'going in for the kill' (hate the song, rather like the remix, it's a good invigoration song...)

Here is what I wore yesterday, sorry the detail's not very good, I could blame Blogger for that?? Just some red crops & a white shirt. I needed to look authoritative, yet approachable for these exams - I needed to be treated like an equal by the other invigilators (they all knew that I was there cause I'm good friends with the head of performing arts...) but also look friendly to the kids doing exams.
Red crops: M&S
Blouse: Charity shop

Finally, on Tuesday I wore this skirt (which seriously needs an iron!!) and a random black tshirt that is in my 20/20 challenge list. The skirt is by Tommy Hilfiger, but I got it from TK Maxx a few months ago for £14. I forget how much it should've been, but I quite like it. It does have some shirring and a bow, but because they're in the same fabric as the skirt (duh) it doesn't show up very well in the photo...

I'm having my operation tomorrow, so there will in all likelihood be a BIG gap in posting for a while...possibly a week? Sorry. I'll still be reading, but I won't be able to take any photos, due to not being able to walk haha!

Currently listening to: Lived in Bars by Cat Power.

Sorry if this post is all rambly, I am hitting the hyper/tired wall right about now...

Monday, 5 July 2010

Dressing challenge

Another one. I'm kind of taking inspiration from Kendi Everyday's 30 for 30 and The Glamourous Grad Student's post on capsule wardrobes. I'm going to take 20 items and remix them everyday until the end of July. So far I have 17 items & I'm going to add shoes later. SO here are my remix items so far:

4 dresses, all of which I wear really frequently, hopefully good choices...

2 skirts, both of which are pretty much the only skirts that fit me properly! (I have a relatively small waist in proportion to my

aaaand 1 pair of red crops, 6 tops and 3 cardigans: 2 black, 1 brown.
And finally my trench (there's another jacket on the hanger, out of pure lazyness I didn't remove it for the picture).

So, my mission is to only wear these things for almost a month. Of course this will be a problem for about a week, because I'm having a knee operation on Friday, which will mean that for about a week I'll be unable to move my left leg, so the outfits might go out of the window...but I will always try my hardest.

Wish me luck!!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Pimms and Lemonade

Well, the weather here has taken a turn for the's been blue skies and 25C for the past few weeks, and now today it's currently cloudy, with the odd spot of sun and about 19C. Boo! No longer Pimms and Lemonade weather :(

This evening is my younger brother's end of year school concert, and after slobbing around the house the yesterday (in a nice dress, but no makeup, not done hair, etc), it's nice to have something to do in the evening today. Here's what I'm wearing:

Recently went to Specsavers to get my eyes tested, and found out that I'd gotten doubly blind over the last 18 months!!! It was so embarrassing sitting in the opticians and him saying "So, can you read this?" and me going "no, I can't even see that there are letters there...". So, a good chance to get some new accessories! £137 later, I got an eye test, and 2 pairs of glasses: one normal and one prescription sunnies, which are SO cool. These are my new glasses, and I get my sunnies tomorrow, and I intend on showing you those too! What a gripping life, eh?

I'm currently trying to do a lot of practice on the piano (I'm not really doing a lot, but for being at home I'm doing ok - averaging about 2/3 hrs a day) I'm currently learning:

Chopin Ballade No.1 in Gminor. Listen to it, it's much easier to listen to than my other recommendation ;) Probably one of my favourite pieces of music ever.

Currently watching/listening to: Wimbledon Women's Semi-Finals: Serena Williams Vs Petra Kvitova (prior to this year's Wimbledon, Kvitova has never won a grass match in her LIFE. Wow, this looks like it's going to be a good match...)

Shameless self-promotion

I've just joined Twitter. Possibly I"m a bit slow and should've done it wayyy sooner, but I thought there's no point in being proud about it, so a bit of bandwagon jumping is going on.
Follow me @Notoshtosh.
Once I figure out how to use this infernal blogger, I'll have a little sidebar twitter feed...thing. yeah.
Outfit post coming later today/tomorrow, I LOVE the dress I'm wearing today!

Currently listening to: Slow by Kylie Minogue. What. a. woman.