Saturday, 31 July 2010


So, today my brother (James, who you've all already met) and my Dad (who you haven't) are off to see Spamalot at the Mayflower. I am jealous. We booked it a long time before my operation and decided that I might not be able to sit through a 2 hour production without being in pain in a cramped theatre and decided against booking me a ticket. I would've been well enough to sit through it, but that's life, as they say.
So, to make myself feel better, I went shopping. Firstly, here's what I wore:

Nothing special, just a dress from Primark that I've had over a year and has lasted surprisingly well! I like the flowers, and all the colours. Made me feel 11/10 as I was walking along. Here's what I bought, not very much, and all necessary, but pretty, too:

Some Miffy tissues for my bag, cause I've run out and only have a box. You can't keep a box of tissues in your bag!! Or can be investigated later. A new makeup bag from Soap and Glory, as mine hasn't done up for a long time. And some nail varnish:

17 are currently doing a 2 for £5, so I bought a strengthening base coat and a nice blue. I wanted a pink as well, but that would've cost more, so I restrained and just bought the 2.
It rained on us once while we were shopping. Not fun. But trusty black umbrella came to the rescue. This is what I wish my umbrella looked like:

Anyway, despite the rain and the fact that my umbrella looks nothing like that, it was nice to get out. Hope you're all having a nice weekend!!

Currently listening to: The Dr Who prom. Find it on iPlayer and listen to it, would've been better if we could've seen it on tv, but the sounds will do!


  1. Really cute tissues :) Fab dress!

    :D I bought one of those umbrellas the queen has and it rocks - though we never need it where I am - :( I know nobody in England wants to hear that but you miss the rain when you don't see it for so long.

  2. I love your dress! I despereately need a shopping day...


  3. I have an umbrella like the queen too, but the only thing I don't like about it is that it doesn't fit in most bags, so it's not particularly portable, and I'm the sort of person that if I put something down, I'll loose it. I lost 2 pairs of sunglasses in the space of 2 weeks earlier this year!! So practicality tells me to get a little one that fits in my bag. So I do :)
    I don't think I'd EVER miss the rain, I would miss the cold and wind (ish) though. But I have no plans to move to somewhere warm, just france or something is the most exotic I'd get.
    The rain is my number 1 weather nemesis!

  4. don't even talk to me about losing sunglasses - or my husband sitting on them - ahem - he totally smushed my fake purple wayfarers - and I lectured him for about 15 minutes in the car and I will neve forget the look on his face ! :D I don't think he could believe it - that I had such a cow over a cheap pair of tacky sunglasses.

    maybe we can find out what the queen carries for a portable :)