Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Style Icon Series: Carrie Bradshaw

A woman on many people's 'Icons' list, and for very good reason. Her style is quirky and sometimes a bit outrageous for my taste, but when I'm in any need for any style inspiration, I can always look to Sex and The City, and in particular Ms Bradshaw.

I've chosen 3 of my favourite outfits from the series (there have been MANY, it was a struggle choosing only 3!):

Thigh-high socks can sometimes be an issue - you can end up looking either like a schoolgirl (an old one, in my case!) or a slut, frankly. It can be really hard to wear thigh high socks and not look stupid. This outfit it styled wonderfully. No slut or schoolgirl at all. Lucky Girl.
Also, I find them really difficult to source cause I'm a bit taller than average. It means that all one size ones only go up to my knees, not over them :( If anyone has any tips or ideas on where to find them, (for a reasonable price) then that'd be lovely.

This look for me is all updated Hepburn. Ok, so she could've done with less pearly necklaces, but...well I just love it.

I love this outfit the most. It's when she's in paris, and everything about it is fabulous. The length of her coat matches her dress - something I think look amazing, but something I never manage to do. And I've always had something of a love affair with polka dots, but never really worn them an awful lot...
And finally her ubiquitous, albeit fictional closet. I dream of a closet like this, but then again, don't we all!! She did keep clothes in her oven, and always ate she managed to afford it will always be beyond me.

Listening to: The news. Trying not to get aggravated.

Who is your style icon?


  1. I love Carrie Bradshaw! My style icon is Queen Rania of Jordan... she always looks so polished and sophisticated, but not boring.


  2. I like Sarah Jessica Parker's style in general because it is all about her personality which is huge. And I think having such a childlike figure helps her a lot in her style. She always looks like she is playing dress up and so it comes across as very sweet and endearing and never in the least whorey.