Thursday, 1 July 2010

Pimms and Lemonade

Well, the weather here has taken a turn for the's been blue skies and 25C for the past few weeks, and now today it's currently cloudy, with the odd spot of sun and about 19C. Boo! No longer Pimms and Lemonade weather :(

This evening is my younger brother's end of year school concert, and after slobbing around the house the yesterday (in a nice dress, but no makeup, not done hair, etc), it's nice to have something to do in the evening today. Here's what I'm wearing:

Recently went to Specsavers to get my eyes tested, and found out that I'd gotten doubly blind over the last 18 months!!! It was so embarrassing sitting in the opticians and him saying "So, can you read this?" and me going "no, I can't even see that there are letters there...". So, a good chance to get some new accessories! £137 later, I got an eye test, and 2 pairs of glasses: one normal and one prescription sunnies, which are SO cool. These are my new glasses, and I get my sunnies tomorrow, and I intend on showing you those too! What a gripping life, eh?

I'm currently trying to do a lot of practice on the piano (I'm not really doing a lot, but for being at home I'm doing ok - averaging about 2/3 hrs a day) I'm currently learning:

Chopin Ballade No.1 in Gminor. Listen to it, it's much easier to listen to than my other recommendation ;) Probably one of my favourite pieces of music ever.

Currently watching/listening to: Wimbledon Women's Semi-Finals: Serena Williams Vs Petra Kvitova (prior to this year's Wimbledon, Kvitova has never won a grass match in her LIFE. Wow, this looks like it's going to be a good match...)


  1. Lovely dress and glasses! And well done for managing 2-3 hours when you're at home. I get bored after about half an hour! :P

  2. wow that was really nice. I was a little worried at the beginning but it stepped right up ! :)

    Your new glasses are nice. I need some new ones badly. I like the style you chose. And your dress is fantastic. You look beautiful.

    I love it that you are going to be able to play that piece. What happens if you play it in another key??

  3. That dress is my good luck dress, I wore it for my piano diploma for last year - that was why I bought it - and it's always been a good day whenever I've worn it since, so it seemed like a good luck mascot for my brother!

    I can't play it in another key :( Well, I COULD, but it would be so much work for me to re-write the music in a new key (it's about 15 pages long...) and I'd have to re-learn my fingering, etc. so, to save me all the effort I won't haha. Plus, music sounds different to its original in a different key... sorry, I'm geeking out, I always do this with music!

  4. no, that is why I asked! because i know guitar players do it all the time but they can use a capo. :)

    and I know songs do have a totally differnt feel in different keys. I was just wondering if it was the same with classical music and if the composers would roll over in their graves if people played their music in a key other than the one they wrote it in. And because it always seems to be named for the key.