Monday, 26 July 2010

Dreaming of Autumn...

Usually, I am a huge fan of Summer. And in the UK for the last few years we've had nothing but Shoddy Summers for the last few years - rain and cold, with 2 or 3 weeks anywhere between May and September of Warmth and Sun. I am a fan of Warmth. I am a fan of Sun. But I am also a fan of Cold. This summer has actually been ok, fairly Warm and Sunny for the most part. But I am already wishing for Autumn to come. I bought this dress in the Sale from H&M yesterday. It's the same (I think) as the Purple one that's in my July challenge, just in a different fabric. Actually, I prefer it like this. The fabric is heavier and the lining is different so it hangs better when I wear it. But it's very Autumn-y. See below:

Of course I Autumn-ed it up with dark ish lipstick, but it's a good length & will look fab in the colder weather with all sorts of Autumn-y coloured accessories & tights. Mmmm.

Lots of good things on tele recently - BBC's Sherlock Holmes is a fine example. Personally, though, my world will be complete when Strictly Come Dancing is back on: Nice to see you, to see you....?

Currently listening to: the Piano Tuner who's turned up a week early to tune our piano, and given me some advice as to what to always, I'm looking for a new piano :)



  1. I'm a summer person, I never wish for autumn to come! I figure it comes soon enough without my wishing....

  2. I'm with WendyB - summer is my favorite season of all. I hate the cold!

    That dress is really lovely and I could see how it would look nice with tights, a cardi, and some ankle boots :)

    I always try to have the piano tuner over when I'm not at home, because the sound of him tuning the piano is rather unbearable, haha!


  3. This looks lovely on you! I love your hair and make up too, what lipstick are you wearing? Autumn is my favourite season too, still sunny but a lot cooler- yay! :) And I LOVED Sherlock yesterday, what did you think?

    Maria xxx

  4. Usually I totally agree with you Leia & Wendy, but this is the first summer that I've wished Autumn would come sooner! And it's not even my birthday yet! Clearly there's something that's changed in my head this year...!

    Leia: I like having piano tuners round when I'm at home because I have something of a hatred for the piano at home and whenever he comes (this one's the first one in a couple of years because we couldn't afford it last year) I always moan at him about how I don't like it and how could he make it better.....really I just need a new one :P

    Maria: I rarely wear actual lipstick unless it's a neutral-ish colour because I'm terrible at reapplying and hate it when it starts rubbing off leaving some half-assed, messy colour. So when I wear brighter/vibrant colours I use lip pencil and just fill it in with that. This one is by Rimmel & it's called Wine No.061.
    Sherlock Holmes was great! BUT I didn't get to see the very end, I don't know what happened with the cab driver once they arrived wherever it was, so I don't know how it ended! :( I'll have to iplayer it soon to get the final bit, otherwise it'll bug me!

  5. You look so pretty, your hair, your lipstick and your dress is fabulous. You have the best taste in dresses.

  6. agree about autumn! (although i always love it, much to the disgust of most of my friends!) :P

    also agree muchly on the Sherlock and Strictly front! Cannot wait! :D