Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Walkies around my house

The physiotherapist told me that I have to be off crutches and will be running around when I see her next (this coming Friday). So after dinner today I decided to go for a walk with my younger brother around where I live.

We live near a Naval Estate, and there are a load of garages near our house that belong to the Naval houses:

This is James, my brother. He's nearly my height is is going to be 15 in October...scary.

This is a campervan. I found it quite comforting to see a third of the way through our walk. Its colour & style make me feel 11/10.

And those sunflowers, also comforting in their yellow tallness. I give them 10/10, they could be taller, definitely.

This is pretty much the view that my parents have from their bedroom, wow, eh?

This is what I wore haha. Not so interesting, but I like my skirt :)

Top: Sainsburys
Skirt: M&S sale
Shoes: Clarks
Belt: M&S sale
(This sounds rather similar to an outfit my mother might wear...but it's kinda cool :D)

After much persuasion, I got James to take a photo with me, all smiley. It took about 5 attempts for him not to have his eyes closed or his face screwed up. The result isn't perfect for either of us, but it'll do.

Hope you're all having a nice evening, I'm currently watching Eight Legged Freaks and being freaked out. I've asked them to change the channel, but they won't. :(


  1. You and your brother look so similar! I love that picture of the two of you. I don't think I have ANY pictures of myself with my brothers! Also, love those sunflowers :)


  2. That was really fun, Natasha. :) Thanks for the tour. Your brother is cute, too.

  3. We do look similar. We've always been told that, but I don't particularly see it, probably cause I live with him!!
    It took about 10 minutes of persistence to get him to even have his face included in the photo, I took about 100 of his back, like the first one.

    I'll take more photos next time I go out. It's always a bit special when I go out because I've been doing so little of it recently! Although i'm now walking around the house without a crutch, so hopefully outside will be soon to follow, then I can walk normally again, yay!