Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Tentative Ventures Outside

Yesterday was my second venture outside since The Op. I went for a mini-Walk on Saturday and was Punished for it in the evening and the following day, so I took it easy for a while. Then yesterday I went into town to go Shopping. I bought a new pair of (flat) shoes which I'll show you when I'm back at uni, so next month sometime.
Anyway, here is this dress again. Baring in mind I haven't Dressed for a week, my uniform has been leggings & a long top, I felt that this Familiar and Comforting dress would be nice.

I also did my hair and makeup all nice...kinda. You can't tell in photos very well what my makeup looks like, does anyone else have that problem? Maybe it's my dark hair or something...Anyway, I quite like my hair in this, although as soon as there's a bit of Wind (Number 2 Nemesis beaten only by Rain/Precipitation in any form) I look like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards!

And here is my poorly knee. It doesn't really look that special, and frankly it's well on its way to being better now. I can potter around my bedroom without my crutch (only ever a few steps here or there, so no marathons yet!). Once I've had my stitches out it'll only be these 2 tiny bits of scar tissue, very clever this keyhole surgery!!
I'm having my second set of physio today. I'm not entirely sure what I think about it because my legs are quite strong because of the dancing I do, so the exercises I've been given don't actually do anything, I did them while watching TV yesterday all the way through a half an hour programme, then I got bored of doing them, not even tired. I'm supposed to do 10 reps. Sometimes I doubt that physios know quite how strong dancer's legs can be? I was talking to a few of my dancing friends and they said they've had similar problems when they've seen a physiotherapist.
Does this sound arrogant? I don't mean it to, I've rarely had reason to be proud of the strength of my body (I've never been a sporty person) and now that I've found something that has made my body stronger and fitter I'm proud of it. And I will still do my exercises, because even though I have strong legs, I don't have the same medical knowledge as a physiotherapist! :)

Currently listening to: Hungry like the Wolf: Duran Duran (80's Revival in my House today!)


  1. I love that hairstyle! It's so cute! And I'm happy to hear you're sort of up and about now. Hoping you get to a full recovery soon! :)

    Leia's Delights

  2. You look very pretty! Glad to hear that your knee is getting better. What kind of dancing do you do?

  3. duran duran! wow:)

    i love your makeup. i can see it but it looks very understated. you must be very good at applying it. your hair looks like it has grown quite a bit!

    glad you are feeling better:)

    ps yes, i would like to know too what kind of dancing you do.

  4. Thanks ladies :)
    The physio said that in another 2 weeks I could go back to yoga, and in 4 weeks I could go back to dancing, so nearly back to normal.

    The dancing I do is Argentine Tango, I'll do a post on it soon :) We're rehearsing for a show for Easter next year at the moment, which you'll also all hear about nearer the time!