Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Just reading up on Mahler for an essay I need to do, and have found some of the lyrics from his Kindertotenlieder. It's heart-wrenchingly beautiful. As is his tenth symphony; always left incomplete...(my favourite reworking is by Cooke).
The lyrics are by Ruckert:
Nun will die Sonn' so hell aufgehn,
Als sei kein Ungluck die Nacht geschehn!

Das Ungluck geschah nur mir allein!
Die Sonne, sie scheinet allgemein!

Du musst nicht die Nacht in dir verschraenken,
Musst sie ins ew'ge Licht versenken!

Ein Laemplein verlosch in meinem Zelt!
Heil sei dem Freudenlicht der Welt!

From the first Kindertotenlieder. rough translation (you can probably find a better one on the internet somewhere, but here's mine):

Now the sun will rise as brightly,
As if no misfortune had happened in the night!

That misfortune has fallen on me alone.
The sun, it shines for everyone.

You mustn't keep the night inside you,
You must immerse it in light eternally!

A small lamp has been extinguished in my household;
Light of joy in the world, be welcome.

Oh, Mahler!

Sunday, 28 March 2010


So, the other week, my friend and I were at the train station, and we saw this:

now, the reason this is worth mentioning is cause at the time on the poster that poor little dog was so airbrushed that you couldn't even see Richard Gere's hand. This got me thinking, how are humans supposed to cope when even cute little fluffy dogs are airbrushed within an inch of their lives? Now, this isn't a dig at anyone/anything in particular, it just make me chuckle. Also, apparently, posing with giraffes in Harper's Bazaar is really 'in' right now:

Chloe Sevigny for Russian Harper's and Demi Moore for US Harper's. Maybe it's a trend? To be honest, I preferred Demi's set of pictures, mostly cause of those UH-MA-ZING Alexander McQueen shoes she gets to wear in the shoot, but also cause she just looks so damn GOOD. Although that's not to put down Chloe's shoot at all, but she's always gorge.
Both photos from Cocoperez.

Anyway, am currently listening to: Little Earthquakes by Tori Amos. Will go to watch district 9 with the family in a bit. Bye!

Thursday, 11 March 2010


So, starting out with Marc Jacobs A/W 10. This bow on the dress is amazing. And the bag, although it's at a pretty bad angle in this photo I love too.
Also love this dress, although not sold on the rest of the outfit with it, truth be told. As separate entities they all work, just maybe not together...
And mostly, as those who know me will know, my new obsession is all things furry and fluffy. This shrug is the best of all things furry and fluffy.
Next up, Chanel. I don't really like the way any of the sites have covered the Chanel show, it's all about the detail, y'know, and there are too few close ups for my taste. Anyway, I really like the look of this tux-esque ensemble. Classic and chic, just like Chanel should be.
I love this dress, tweed featured heavily in the collection, as well as fur (yay!), although I don't like these boots. Sorry, but they reminded me too much of a yeti.
Finally, for Chanel. This entire ensemble is beautiful with a capital B. The fur 'stole' round the edge of the coat, the dress with a bit of lace (once again, set to be big this winter), the white tights and white fluffy bag. Monochrome is totally my favourite thing. It kinda makes me wish it were really winter-y again...
And last, but certainly not least, Alexander McQueen's final show. Stunning and bittersweet. Influenced by Byzantine art and old Master paintings...people are saying this is his best collection ever. Death does tend to do that to people, however, even if he hadn't passed, this'd still be one of my favourites of his ever.
Here are my three favourite outfits from the collection:

All pictures courtesy of Dazed and digital.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Fluffy and dangerous

So, today I decided to wear my new fur coat (faux, I confess, don't start paint-throwing yet). But, cause it's so big and bulky I haven't a clue what to wear it with :( So, I got my friend Chloe to help me figure out what to wear it with. I'm sitting here as I type wearing it, cause my room is SO cold today for some reason I haven't fathomed yet... but I feel like a cross of Pat Butcher and a hooker, pretty-woman stylee. So not a good look. People stare at me when I wear it too, and my arm has been frequently assaulted with touches from my classmates (which, truthfully, I don't mind, I like the attention haha).

I'm going to ask my friend Chloe (who also has a blog here) to take photos of me for this blog, so I can start showing you (my 0 readers) my outfits when I feel there's a particularly interesting one in the pipeline.

Now, I'm going to go the library to return the books which are due today, and then maybe go for coffee with a friend, I should give him a ring. Then, gospel choir later, yay! (I know, I'm a geek, but I am a music student after all)

Currently listening to: Milonga de los Perros - La Chicana. Such a tune. I just wish I understood more of the lyrics, what with it being in Spanish and such!

PS. I don't know why the fonts have changed size. I am a blog pleb, clearly.

Saturday, 6 March 2010


So, I went to my friend's DJ set in the end...and danced to dubstep all night. I wasn't sure about it at the time, but having had a couple of weeks to think about it, dubstep has grown on me majorly. I would recommend listening to this:

Ellie Goulding is hotly tipped for this year anyway, and this remix is (maybe, possibly) better than her original.

In other news, this photo:

is truly amazing. I can't wait to find out how much it costs, and potentially buy it.*

Off to gay night in my union tonight, which promises to be fun, it's always a bit of a giggle this night, the atmosphere is always better than at other nights, and it's less predatory too.

Currently listening to: The Slits - Ping Pong Affair.

*I would never actually buy it, cause it will be pricey, and I don't have the finances available to buy a Giles Deacon bag and not actually use it. In fact, I don't have the finances to buy a Giles Deacon bag in any case.