Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Just reading up on Mahler for an essay I need to do, and have found some of the lyrics from his Kindertotenlieder. It's heart-wrenchingly beautiful. As is his tenth symphony; always left incomplete...(my favourite reworking is by Cooke).
The lyrics are by Ruckert:
Nun will die Sonn' so hell aufgehn,
Als sei kein Ungluck die Nacht geschehn!

Das Ungluck geschah nur mir allein!
Die Sonne, sie scheinet allgemein!

Du musst nicht die Nacht in dir verschraenken,
Musst sie ins ew'ge Licht versenken!

Ein Laemplein verlosch in meinem Zelt!
Heil sei dem Freudenlicht der Welt!

From the first Kindertotenlieder. rough translation (you can probably find a better one on the internet somewhere, but here's mine):

Now the sun will rise as brightly,
As if no misfortune had happened in the night!

That misfortune has fallen on me alone.
The sun, it shines for everyone.

You mustn't keep the night inside you,
You must immerse it in light eternally!

A small lamp has been extinguished in my household;
Light of joy in the world, be welcome.

Oh, Mahler!


  1. Hi! Your comment disappeared from my blog for a bit, but eventually came back (?!) and shipping to the UK for that dress would be AU$14, which is cheaper than I expected :)

    And dresses aside, I love the faux fur coat you are wearing a few posts down, but did laugh at the Pat Butcher comment! Now I just want to wheeze "Paaaaat, Paaaaaaaaat" to people but I don't think they'd get it!

  2. Oh, these lyrics are so beautiful! What a lovely inspiration :)

    Oh, to answer your question, I'm definitely going to be doing for videos! I actually have one filmed, I just need to edit it and upload it :)))

    Aya ( )