Monday, 8 March 2010

Fluffy and dangerous

So, today I decided to wear my new fur coat (faux, I confess, don't start paint-throwing yet). But, cause it's so big and bulky I haven't a clue what to wear it with :( So, I got my friend Chloe to help me figure out what to wear it with. I'm sitting here as I type wearing it, cause my room is SO cold today for some reason I haven't fathomed yet... but I feel like a cross of Pat Butcher and a hooker, pretty-woman stylee. So not a good look. People stare at me when I wear it too, and my arm has been frequently assaulted with touches from my classmates (which, truthfully, I don't mind, I like the attention haha).

I'm going to ask my friend Chloe (who also has a blog here) to take photos of me for this blog, so I can start showing you (my 0 readers) my outfits when I feel there's a particularly interesting one in the pipeline.

Now, I'm going to go the library to return the books which are due today, and then maybe go for coffee with a friend, I should give him a ring. Then, gospel choir later, yay! (I know, I'm a geek, but I am a music student after all)

Currently listening to: Milonga de los Perros - La Chicana. Such a tune. I just wish I understood more of the lyrics, what with it being in Spanish and such!

PS. I don't know why the fonts have changed size. I am a blog pleb, clearly.

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