Thursday, 24 December 2009

Tidings of comfort and joy

So, it's Christmas eve, and I'm home, finally. I actually arrived home a week ago, but haven't had chance to sit and collect my thoughts. I'm seriously debating looking at going to a different uni next year, transferring and finishing somewhere that the course actually fits what I want out of a degree. I do, to an extent, feel as though the course has been mis-sold to me, and that what's expected of me in a performance context should not be expected of someone who's (in theory) straight out of college - I feel that a conservatoire would've been easier and less pressured in fact (from what I understand, anyway, obviously I've not been there and only have my friend's accounts to go on). So that's going to be looked into in the new year, with the help of my tutor at uni, and maybe some help from others as well (maybe Rhodes still yet has a part to play in my education, who knows). In any case, I have plenty of work to be getting on with over xmas; even though I'm not planning on staying at uni, if I enter another uni at the 2nd year (which is what I plan on doing) then I'll still definitely need good grades (a 2:1 would be good!) to give me a good average into my 2nd year elsewhere. So I'll be practicing and working hard after xmas.

Today, I'm going for a meal with some friends from home (college, more specifically). For a cheap xmas meal at the beefeater. They're coming round to pick me up at 10 to 3, so I still have a little while to kill, I may well do some practice!! (or not, depending on how I feel haha).

Anyway, I don't have any readers to wish a Happy Christmas, but I'll wish everyone out there a happy time anyway. Hope your Christmases are as jolly and whatnot as I hope mine will be.

I forgot to add, I'm currently listening to: Peter, Paul and Mary - Early Morning Rain

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