Friday, 4 December 2009

Went to my dance class as usual on tuesday (told the housemates I was having a date, to get them off my kind of was one anyway) and I flirted my little socks off with a boy who's caught my eye for a while. Unfortunately, there's a newbie to the class who's also taken a shine to him (and every other man in the room, but nevertheless, she's still shown an interest in the one I'm interested in). Well, what was a girl to do? I wanted to put her down and make fun of her all night, and when a man brought up how 'intense' or 'bubbly' she was, I agreed, but was always ladylike in my manner (when really I just would like to think that she's a bit of a slag, but she's foreign, so maybe they do things differently from where she's from, who knows?). Instead, I danced the night away with lots of nice men, and P (the boy), and we danced vertical-sex-esque for all of the dances we danced. He took my number. Great, however....what happens now? He hasn't called/texted. So I emailed him asking if he'd like to go for coffee next week. Presumptous? Maybe, but friends go for coffee too. But I do think he's interested, there are quite obvious signs there, even for a shy boy. Now, if only I could improve my ballroom skills, without paying £35 p/h for the privilege!!

A, currently listening to: the club that's a 5 minute walk from my house but whose noise still manages to permeate my walls of an evening. AND the chinese people upstairs fighting/talking loudly/shouting/doing weird things I have no desire to think about at nearly 1am when I have a 9am lecture. Needless to say I can't sleep.

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