Sunday, 29 November 2009

Ok, so you know, the last post was a bit...well, harsh. However, that is kinda how I felt at the time. But, I've spoken to the girls about it, and I think things will improve now. Let's hope so, anyway.

In other news, I (well, I say 'I', it's actually my immune system) decided to go into meltdown this week. I spent 3 days throwing up into a bucket in bed. B-E-A-UUUUTIFUL! yeah, it was pretty gross to be honest. But the three days I spent not doing anything made me realise how little I actually DO on a daily basis. So I've turned over a new (academic, this is) leaf, and am gonna work super hard from now on. Today for example, I've caught up on the lectures that I missed (bar, one, but I need to get on the girl who said she'd give me her notes, I plan on doing that after this (see, super organised)) and have written a 2,000 word essay today. and I only started working at 12pm, and have cocked about with loooads of 'study breaks' (hey, a girl can't work all the time, right??) Just think what those few hours have done for my studies-ego :)
Of course, I do have lots to do still, having slacked about for a little bit too long, but I'm ready for the hard work to recommence! Let's go!

Am currently listening to 'Shine' by Take That while celebrating the fact that I've done an essay, despite the fact that my printer hates me. Perfect celebration choonz.

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