Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Calvin Harris seems to like all sorts of girls....personally, I struggle with girls as friends sometimes, particularly the ones I live with. I love them all, don't get me wrong, but they can be very unforgiving, and I've found they don't very often make an effort. There's always a Queen Bee, and if QB doesn't want to do something, then she'll be damned if anyone else is gonna do it. If I wanna go into this shop and she wants to go home, I'll end up going to that shop on my own and walking home on my own. In the rain.
Now, I'm not usually one to moan about these things, friendship is about give and take, right? but it happens pretty regularly, and I begin to question whether they actually give a shit...even though I know they do. I think.
And maybe it's just a blip, it's QB's birthday tomorrow, so we're going out tonight (and tomorrow) to celebrate...so she's probably just feeling a bit self-centred. Although the others could at least pretend to have a mind of their own once in a while...
Anyway, I bought a fabulous dress, so I don't really care.

Am currently listening to Jose Gonzalez while drinking vodka and eating cannelloni. While not even pretending to myself to be doing any work.

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