Saturday, 21 November 2009

The beginnings of a diary

Like most women, I've kept a diary of varying sorts since I was about 8 (what the hell did I write about when I was 8 anyway?) The internet seems as good a way as any to keep one - at least I'll never lose it this way.

The stuff I write about won't always be on the day it happened - I carry round a notebook to note down interesting things that happened to me during the day. Or notes about my studies, for example: "Hit TSH over the head with a book saying 'Pedagogical' on the front, in the hope he never says it again" (I'm all for scholars and teachings, but seriously? You've made your point now, sweetheart.) I won't explicitly name my friends/collegues/professors in my blog, that would seem to me to be unfair, especially seeing as they don't know I'm writing this.

Anyway, I'm currently listening to Chopin Nocturnes played by Daniel Barenboim, while I should be writing an essay on Mozart piano sonatas....go figure.

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