Thursday, 17 June 2010

Daily Outfit 18th June

So, here's my first blackout outfit post. Nothing special really, and this is me in the morning, before I've finished my makeup! The dress is Vintage, courtesy of Esme and the laneway. Lovely dress, and a perfect excuse to buy another slip! I've started trying out the brown smokey-ish eye, I think it works pretty well, but you can't really see it in these photos, and all the other photos I took came out really badly :( Taking photos is hard when you don't have a photographer or a tripod!! The weather has been so nice the past few days, but now it's all grey and overcast. Typical England eh, never more than a few days at a time!

Currently: About to watch Jeremy Kyle. Amazing.


  1. Very feminine. Very Nice. And I can see the smokey eye. I have never been able to do one on myself very well.

  2. Gorgeous dress, I love Esme's style, and I love the way you wear it too!

  3. @ Daisy Dukes: Thankyou :) I don't profess to be much of an expert at smokey eyes, but I find brown much easier to practice with and more forgiving a colour to practice with!

    @ Harriet: Yes, I love her style too, she is such an inspiration to me, and it's a beautiful dress!

  4. Natasha you look lovely here!

    And how did it slip by me that you're a music student?? Please tell me more! What instrument(s) do you play?! I'm not actually doing a DipABRSM. Embarrasingly I tried to do that at age 17 (4 years ago) and failed by 2 points. So I decided to take some time off from the exams while I was at university and just played for fun, and now I'm attempting the Trinity ATCL in piano performance. I'm definitely not an exceptionally gifted musician as I'm sure you are, for me it's just a hobby, but I've been playing piano for 12 years now (and dabbled in violin and clarinet, and was in choir too) so it's definitely something I'm really interested in!