Friday, 11 June 2010

the non-blackout

So, this isn't a blackout post, like Sal would like, but today was an important day. Today I got my phone sorted by Orange. For a good couple of weeks now I've been having problems with it, its internet connection, everything. I was even completely disconnected from the network at one point. And when you're paying £25 a month, you expect your phone to work, no excuses. I've spent many many hours (I think about 4) on the phone to customer services, to no avail. Being transferred to many departments, none of whom understood my problem so promptly transferred me to another department. None of whom would even give me their employee numbers to help me keep a note of what was going many Sue's do you think work for Orange??...Anyway, so today I went back to the shop that originally sold me the contract. Insisted (nicely) on speaking to the manager, and he got it sorted. To be honest, I don't think he did anything differently to what I or anyone else would've done, they have to phone customer services too, but at least it's fixed. But after going into 5 different Orange stores on 5 different occasions and spending hours on the phone to them, I was not impressed. So, today I decided to put on an authoritative looking outfit. Black pencil skirt, white cropped see-through blouse, my chanel rip-off jacket (will be shown another time) and (one of my) my black heels (also to be shown another time). Paired with red lipstick and my hair up, I felt as though I looked serious. Sorry blackout, but I did it yesterday, today was one of those days where black was needed, and I guess it worked!

White blouse: Charity shop.
White tank (underneath blouse, for modesty!): Sainsbury's(!)
Pencil skirt: Primark (although I need a new one, this is falling apart.
Red lippy: Maybelline, red glamour.

Tonight I'm going dancing, and more black will be featured. Dancing outfits will not be featured in the blackout, because they count as exercise clothes (albeit very nice ones).



  1. Girl, what you did shows some serious wisdom. You put on your power outfit.

  2. Gorgeous look! And LOVE the lips!
    Hope you had a great weekend.

  3. Thanks guys :) I think everything's all fixed now, it took another phone call the next day, but it's all done now, phew!!
    Just a side note, the lippie is actually lipliner...I use that instead of lipstick, because I never remember to reapply and get it all over my teeth, so it ends up looking bad! x

  4. Hi lovely! Just wanted to stop by to say thanks for pointing me to those 'how to pose' posts. I will definitely look over them!

    P.S. Am following :)