Friday, 8 January 2010

Am currently watching 'Ready Steady Cook', while reading yesterday's Guardian. I know, how middle class. To be honest, I don't really have much to say today, I'm mostly writing out of boredom - not being able to leave the house due to snow is pretty cabin-fever-inducing. Am even debating going downstairs and cooking. I KNOW! If I don't have to, I won't cook, and therefore won't eat. Although the advantage of staying at home is that you have someone to do that for you - Mum. :)
Anywhoo, back to uni next weekend for les examens. But, I have 1 exam on the tuesday, the rest of the week off and then the next 2 weeks off cause the 2nd semester doesn't begin until 8th Feb. I'm paying money to have more time off? disgraceful! Anyway, it shouldn't be too bad, means I can come back home to normal life, as opposed to student life, which I really don't think I'm well made for. I don't do dirty (and by dirty, I mean mouldy, full of washing up, people not wiping the surface after they've chopped meat on it...the list goes on) kitchens and bathrooms, I don't really do frequent binge drinking (the occasional bit's alright, every few weeks I'm happy to go out) and I'd much rather go to a nice quiet pub/bar and have 2 glasses of wine, or go to see a band/live music than go clubbing. That doesn't sound like your typical 19 year old student, eh? I'm just old before my years. I just don't belong in student - ick - land.

Anyway, aside from ready steady cook (it's nearly finished) I'm just about to listen to In Rainbows. I don't often enough sit down and just listen to albums in their listening order, which means I never get to know an album well enough. Damn you itunes! So yeah, that's my mission for today!

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  1. I don't think I could live Uni life... it sounds... I don't know haha, dirty. I lived in a house share a few months ago and that was bad enough, I'd imagine that's sort of how living at uni is? x