Sunday, 3 January 2010

Sale purchases

Went on an actual spree today, it was immense. Bought 3 skirts, a dress, a bag, a hat, 3 tops and a jumper. All for something like £80?? bargain! Will (try to) post new pics soon. Also, am really looking forward to warmer weather so I can wear my new trench coat - it's way too cold at the moment.
Tomorrow am going to practice the piano allll day, so that I don't feel completely behind, as I have my first piano lesson of the year on tuesday. Will try and practice as much as I can mentally handle on tuesday too. I've let my music slip recently, and I have gotten that guilty "you're letting yourself down" feeling. Woops. But nevermind, I'm going to be attempting to make up for it now.
I've been reading loads of people's blogs, and I don't really feel as though I am a 'divergent student' as much as a boring student procrastinating my work, writing a diary of my daily emotional/material/musings on t'internet. Ah well, can't win 'em all.

Am just about to go and watch 'No country for old men' with my dad now, so there's no currently listening. fab stuff.

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  1. Lots and lots and lots of things to do, apparently. :-? Thank God you have all the time in the world. :))