Saturday, 21 August 2010

Links of the week

Sorry this is a day late, I'm a bit higgledy-piggledy with everything this week! Anyway, enough excuses, let's just get started!

  • I've mentioned Megan's blog before in this feature. This week she's written a post about the art of making big decisions, something all of us have to contend with at different times in our lives.
  • A new blog I discovered this week via A (AKA The Glamorous Grad Student) on Twitter, Angel Cutsforth's blog is called Modern Vintage Girl. It's amazing, she writes about her love of vintage in a way I find really refreshing! She also has an etsy shop which I intend to have a look at soon too!
  • Sal of Already Pretty (a regular featuree on here!) writes a 'letter to my body'. A thought provoking post on body image, as well as dealing with how we treat our bodies generally, both in our minds and physically.
  • In very random news: 20 things you didn't know about Sesame Street. I used to watch this on TV every morning at 6am as a nipper, and really miss it being on now :( Also, I didn't know half of these facts!

Sorry it's a bit shorter than normal this week, it's been quite busy relative to my usual weeks!

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend! It's my Mum and my Nan's birthdays today (I know, and I'm a week before!), so we're going out for a meal later :)

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  1. Happy birthday to your mum and nan! Hope you have a fun celebration :)


  2. Funny you mention Sesame Street because I was just watching some old Sesame Street videos on you tube. They were so cute! One with Stevie Wonder was darling. I almost used it on the blog.

    Very interesting post link about making decisions. I enjoyed that.

  3. Thanks for all the links. I love finding cool new stuff.

  4. Wow, that Sesame Street link is hilarious! I loved that show as a child!

  5. Thanks ladies! My Mum & Nan had fabulous birthdays :)

    And I know that Sesame Street thing is crazyyy! I loved the ones with Stevie Wonder too, there's a really lovely one (or two, maybe) videos on Youtube with Ray Charles, they're pretty amazing! I remember, it was on 6am every day on Channel 4 :)