Saturday, 7 August 2010

Style Icon Series: Esmeralda

Ok, so maybe you'll all think I'm crazy having chosen a Disney character as a style icon, but who didn't love Esmeralda when this film first came out?? I was 6 when this film came out, and remember being so excited by it. I even wore the video tape of it out because I watched it so much! Being a little bit older now, I can see the flaws in the story that Disney produced; don't you kind of feel sorry for Quasimodo at the end, being 'dumped' by Esmeralda for the rather 2D but typically-handsome Pheobus? I haven't read the book, but intend to get round to it at some point (as with many things). Anyway, there isn't really much to talk about regarding her clothes, makeup, accessories or anything much, because she really on has 2 outfits throughout the whole film! This red number and the purple & white one below.

The red number's probably my favourite, partly because I'm a red person, but also for all the stuff that comes with it - who wouldn't want a pretty gold crown and a magic scarf thing that allows you to disappear with a poof of smoke?!

I also love her hair! But most Disney leading ladies have some fabulous hair which us non-animated people could never hope to achieve! Oh to be animated, eh?

I also love her goat (whose name has totally escaped me, but I had a fluffy toy of him, adorable!!) I would love to have a goat like that as a pet, that followed me around everywhere, a bit like a dog but with less walking?

Anyway, if you haven't seen the film (shame on you!!) then I really recommend that you watch it, it's probably quite cheap on Amazon, being relatively old if you want to buy it. And it's also on TV around Christmas most years too. To be honest, I don't watch it for the clothes, I watch it for the reminiscence and generally just being lazy and not having to think. Feel good film :)

Currently listening to: Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe/Newswipe Playlist on Spotify. SO good. It's got everything from Roots Manuva to Donna Summer to John Williams' Imperial March from Star Wars on it!!

Hope you're all having a good weekend, I'll hopefully do the London post this evening or tomorrow :)


  1. Esmerelda is GORGEOUS! And so stylish! I think she's a great style icon!


  2. Oh dear, I have not seen the movie, but oh to have only two outfits to worry about.