Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Rainy day in Portsmouth

Today has been such shocking weather, hasn't it?? Urgh, I went shopping today, and thankfully missed the worst of the rain, got back just in time, it's been pouring it down ever since I got home! Anywhoo, here's what I wore:

I bought some stuff that I've been lusting after for quite a while: the pearl necklace I'm wearing, for example. I've been looking for a nice (but not too expensive, therefore actual pearls were definitely out of the question!) simple pearl necklace. I've hated all these ones with either massive pearls or with all this other crap attached to it, and I'll be damned if I'm paying £15 for a necklace that I then have to alter. Sod that haha! So, finally Accessorize came to my rescue. (for less than £15, too!)
I also bought some new gloves. All of mine have holes in them. A good reason to buy some, right? They're nice, wool, and hopefully will last me at least through this winter!

That's pretty much all I did today. Yesterday and the day before, I made some phone socks, but I'll show you those another time, my pattern, technique and equipment still needs improving, and I don't want to show you all a rubbish one!

Hope you all managed to not get too wet today, I hope Paris doesn't rain too much when I go this weekend! Notice how I just slipped that little one in there...yeah, I know! I'm really excited!

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  1. You look so lovely! I think you could perform at a recital in that dress :) I really love the pearl necklace, too.

    Ooh, Paris! I'm going to Milan this weekend... hoping that continental Europe is sunny and dry!


  2. Thankyou! It's quickly becoming one of my favourite dresses! I wore it for my birthday, actually, but you couldn't see it very well, so I didn't feel too bad for repeating my outfit on here ;)

    Paris isn't set to be too bad, so fingers crossed for you in Milan too!