Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Style Icon Series: Princess Diana

Really, I'm a tad too young to remember Princess Diana properly, but I will always think of her as Our Princess. A beautiful woman, who had a very kind heart.
Born in 1961, she'd be 49 now if she'd have lived to today. However, she died an early death in 1997. (I remember that, because she died on the day of my 7th birthday party.)
I didn't want to google her, I just wanted to use my memories of her, so this bio/info will be a bit shorter than some of the others I've written. As I've said, I don't remember an awful lot about her, but I remember her as a woman who wanted to help others, particularly those in Africa suffering as a result of AIDS. Her death was overshadowed by her affair with Dodi al Fayed (sp?), but it's not uncommon for marriages to split, just because people are royal does not mean their marriages can result in unhappiness. Really, I feel sorry for William and Harry.
Anyway, let's not get too political, let's just remember the woman for her kind, big heart and her beauty.

(That's John Travolta. Little fact for you there!)

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  1. I adored her. She was such a great woman. Thanks for this post.

    P.S. You've been tagged to answer some questions over at my blog :)