Friday, 24 September 2010

Friend Friday: Fashion Dos & Don'ts

Every week, Katy from Modly Chic writes a bunch of bloggers a bunch of questions, and we answer them. Please head on over to her blog to see what she and everyone else who participated wrote!

This week's topic: Fashion Dos and Don'ts.

1) What do think are some of the top fashion don'ts? (Things you would never be caught dead in and cringe when other people wear them.)
For me, UGG boots are a huge fashion don't.  I know they're supposed to be comfy and warm and whatnot, but for me, they're just...yuck. Also, super baggy clothes that look more like a beanbag cover than clothes because it's so shapeless. Aaaand leggings with a short top that shows your bum.  It leaves no mystery regarding that area of your body - some things are meant to be covered!  It's ok if you're going to the gym or something, but to walk around during the day as though it's normal is not ok! I could go on, but there are more questions to be answered!

2) What previous fashion don'ts do you now where with pride?
When I was younger, I hated when girls wore short skirts, I swore I'd never do it.  Now, I do wear shortER skirts and show off my legs a bit more, but only ever with tights on, so it's never too revealing.  But as my Dad pointed out a little while ago, 10 years ago I wouldn't be caught dead in what I wear today. Thanks Dad!

3) Do you think there is a universal fashion do?
I think making an effort with you clothes is a fashion do.  So many people I know just roll out of bed and put on whatever's closest at hand, so they end up looking like a mess, or wearing something I mentioned in Q1!  Also, I think another big do is to wear things that flatter you and make you feel good about yourself. Whatever that might be, as long as you feel great in what your'e wearing, you'll look great. 

4) What items lately, either recently in style or coming in now, do you think should never make it off the retail shelves?
I think Chanel's head-to-toe fur from A/W'10. Normally, I'm the biggest Chanel lover on the planet, but something about that collection and the yeti suits was just plain bad. Sorry Karl.

5) In your opinion, is there any blogger, fashion icon, celebrity who somehow manages to pull off some fashion don'ts and still look good?
I can't think of any off the top of my head, because there aren't many bloggers I know/follow who do any of those things I consider a huge don't.  And because I'm not really up on the celebrity scene (I'm about 5/6 years behind!) I can't name anyone as such.  I do think, though, that generally speaking, models off duty look the worst to me.  They go around between shows or castings wearing baggy, oversized and unflattering clothes that don't make them look good and don't show off their (tiny) figures.  Which is a shame, because they're hired because they look beautiful, but their clothes (to me) give off the vibe of being anything but.

Hope you enjoyed this week's questions, any comments please leave them below!


  1. Ha ha! You said Uggs too - pretty sure that Ugg was short for ugly. Such is the Australian sense of humour. And I'm not a fan of the Chanel head to toe fur thing either - why would I want to look like a Yeti?

  2. The Chanel head to toe is awful! The odd bit is fine but the whole outfit is total overkill. I didnt think of UGGs for my answers but wish I had now, they are awful!

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  3. Totally agree! I hated the Chanel fur 'creatures' too.


  4. I love that so many of the FF posters wrote "uggs." I cannot stand them!

  5. I think we are all in agreement that leggings are fine, but only if covered up properly.

  6. Everybody is talking about Uggs. too funny. But it is totally understandable. I saw someone walking around in them the other day and it is still 80* here. I wanted to walk up to her and tell her the dirty pink Uggs had to go! - Katy

  7. I love reading these about bloggers. I'm not a fan of Uggs either.

  8. So much I agree with here! :) Well written!

  9. Loving your blog! I hate when people wear short shirts when they wear leggngs too.

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  10. Sharing the lack of love for Uggs here!

  11. Leggins with a short top is my absolute pet peeve. I jsut want to say Lady, I can see your chocha! Please have a little modesty!

  12. Ohhh I hope Uncle Karl never sees Chanel compared to a Yeti! Even though you are COMPLETELY right, he might have a heart attack! LOL Love your answers to #1, and agree with them all, especiallu UGGs, and I'd ad CROCS to my list as well :) Also - ANYTHING that gives someone camel toe. Big no-no!