Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Style Icon Series: Charlotte York

Charlotte York, Carrie Bradshaw's classy co-star in Sex and the City.  I love her classic stylings, out of all the girls, she is always the one whose outfit I like the most, and find the most wearable.  Some think her style can be a bit 'cute' or preppy, but I disagree mostly with those labels.  I think classic and feminine would be better labels. I find Carrie's wardrobe wonderful inspiration, but I could never take something off the hanger and copy what she wore - I'd look like a clown.  Whereas with Charlotte I feel that I could just take something out of her wardrobe (even though we're different sizes, I'm playing imaginary dress up here, give me some artistic license!) and I think 90% of the time it would look ok and wearable.  We don't all live on a catwalk!  So, here's to Charlotte York; classy, feminine and wearable inspiration!

Hope you're all having lovely weeks, sorry I've not been posting as much, life has been very hectic and it's all catching up with me rather quickly - I have a sore throat today, so I'm getting an early night tonight!

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  1. I totally agree! Charlotte is my favorite character and I like her wardrobe the best :)


  2. I love Charlotte! I think her style gets lost a bit in the series because all the other ladies are equally fashionable. Kristen Davis did a fashion line for Belk in the US, but it didn't go so well. Come to think of it, neither did SJP's.

    I'm following your blog:)

  3. Charlotte's always been my favourite :) but you're right Courtney, I do think she is somewhat overshadowed by the others sometimes. I don't know much about Kristen Davis' style outside ot SATC, so I'll have a little look around! I'll go and have a look at your blog now, thank you for commenting! :)