Friday, 3 September 2010

Links of the week

So, here's this week's installment of links I've found in the interweb this week. Because I was away for last week's, I decided to just amalgamate the 2 week's worth of things, because I was away for 4 days anyway, and I still have so much catching up to do! So, here we go:

  • Harriet has posted a load of pictures of OTK socks, citing them as the perfect autumn transition piece. I quite agree, but always struggle to wear them, so this gives me plenty of inspiration!
  • This blog Inside Out Style has body shapes explained (go down the Nav bar on the right and figure out which one you are). I'm an X shape, and the description fitted me perfectly! What are you? Did you learn anything useful from this to help you dress to flatter your body shape? (Of course, I'm a strong advocate of wearing what you want, regardless of what all these self help stylist people say, but y'know it can never hurt to wear things that look good on you!)
  • Une femme d'un certain age wrote about minimalist dressing. I'm definitely quite a fan of minimalist dressing, I've never been one to overload on clothes/accessories!
  • This journo writes about the things he's learnt from traveling around the world for three years.
  • Luinae (who's been featured on this list more than anyone else, I'd bet!) lists the things she likes and dislikes about being in generation X - growing up in the 21st Century. Very interesting read! What would be on your list?
  • A brief history of the corset. With some NSFW pics too (but nothing terrible, just warning you!) I've always found corsets sexy as hell, and this post makes me wish I owned more than one, or that I wore my one more often!
There have been loads more, but I just haven't had time to read everything properly yet, please forgive me blog-land! Hope you're all well, I'm packing to move back to uni tomorrow. It's amazing how much stuff one person has! Even down to the little things like tea lights and holders. It's not like packing for a holiday, that takes about an hour. This takes a day. I've done my clothes and most of my toiletries so far. I'd guesstimate that I'm about halfway through...:( Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. "Luinae (who's been featured on this list more than anyone else, I'd bet!)"

    That made my day. For reals. I'm an 8 shape, because I have large, but rather high hips. I also can't wait to read that post on minimalist dressing- thanks for alerting me to it!

  2. Haha, I think it's true! I read your blog so much, I love everything that you post! I just forget to comment half the time, I'm so ditzy :/