Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Style Icon Series: Marilyn Monroe

A lady featured on probably everyone's 'style icon' list.  Nevertheless she's a huge inspiration to me.  I often come across films that she's in on a random afternoon on itv4 or similar channels, but I never quite manage to watch them all the way through!  I love her clothes in all the films she's been in that I've seen (I don't profess to be a huge fan, I've seen bits of about a handful of films), and I love the clothes I see her wearing in pretty much every photo I see of her.  Her life was marred by personal problems, and by the end of her working life, she had a reputation for being enormously difficult to work with.  However, her films are very enjoyable, and I could just look at her all day....

Hope you're all having a lovely week so far!  I handwashed my underwear and tights etc today! TMI? Well, it's all part of my mission to not go through stuff (tights & stockings in particular) as quickly as I do, so I thought handwashing might help them not get ruined in the machine! Fingers crossed, I'll let you know how it goes.

Currently listening to: Them Heavy People by Kate Bush.


  1. She is gorgeous!

    And I wash things on the delicates cycle, with cold water, which works really well :)


  2. I have heard if you wash them before you wear them they last longer - I have never tried it though. I use those little lingerie bags and the hand wash cycle.

    Nice dress in the first photo.

  3. Yeah I used the lingerie bags while on campus at uni - those launderette machines are VICIOUS, and then while I was at home I didn't bother again, but found that some of my tights had holes in them from washing, so I'm now handwashing...effort, but hopefully it'll pay off :)