Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Links of the week

Ahhh, it's been ages since I did a links of the week, and I have loads to show you all! I think I missed one a couple of weeks ago and it's all gone downhill since then! I'm really sorry! Anyway, here goes:

  • I ordered one of Kiss me deadly's Vargas dresses (this is lingerie I'm talking about here, if you're unsure, I'd wait until you get home!!). It's divine!  I've been eyeing them up for ages, but always felt that £49 was a bit steep for a bit of underwear, no matter how suck-you-in-while-looking-sexy it is!  Then, I stumbled across Hepburn & Leigh, who had one in my size for £18. That's right! I nearly fainted. So it's bought, arrived and had its test-drive at the weekend. It was lovely. Cinched in all the places I needed it to, without being uncomfortable or anything of the sort. 5/5!
  • Last week I stumbled across Tom Service's blog on The Guardian website.  He writes about classical music, and there were a few articles that I found particularly interesting in his archives: What makes a minor key sound sad?, BBC's Opera Season Vs Popstar to Operastar on ITV, Why aren't there more women conductors?.  I'd really recommend reading his blog if you're into classical music in any way, it's really interesting!
  • Some people in the USA did a fascinating social experiment, that I'd really recommend you watch.  They put 100 $1 notes on a tree and left them there to see how the public reacted.  Guess what you think would happen first, then watch it!
  • Candice DeVille of Super Kawaii Mama did a post of Cover Girl Inspirations. Lovely images, and lovely inspiration too!
  • Since I'm beginning to adventure into the world of cycling, this article was an eye opener.  It's a witty analysis of British cycling culture, and the writer explains why he thinks we should ban cycle helmets in order to save the planet.
Sorry I've been a bit neglectful recently, I'm having a rather disorientated few days! (read: week or so!)

Currently listening to Richard Hawley's album: Cole's Corner. What a voice, eh?

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